My Holiday

This holiday was quite different to my usual trips.
I had planned to go to RailsCamp - a programming retreat on the beach in Perth, but that very same weekend, my yoga class was running a yoga retreat in Bali that I really wanted to attend as well!
So after talking with my boss to get annual leave and return flights to and from Perth for RailsCamp approved and also talking to my yoga instructor about booking in just the second half of the yoga retreat, I booked myself return flights from Perth to Bali and I was set for about two weeks!

My trip went something like this:
  • Fly to Perth
  • RailsCamp
  • Fly to Bali
  • Yoga retreat
  • A few extra days in Bali for myself
  • Fly back to Perth
  • Spend some time with family
  • Fly home
This holiday included programming, beaches, yoga, relaxation, photography, touristy stuff and some family time - a very diverse holiday!
As great as RailCamp and catching up with my family was, this blog will just cover my stay in Bali.
You can also find my photos on Flickr.


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