Day 3 - Relaxation

Today was a day of relaxation.
We had our last morning yoga session and breakfast as a group before everyone said their goodbyes and headed their separate ways.
As everyone was packing there things and getting ready to go, I went for a swim and then had my first massage here in Bali.
As part of the package we get two treatments included, but because it also included a cooking class that I unfortunately missed out on, so I ended up getting an extra treatment instead.

There are all sorts of treatments available at the hotel like facials, etc. but I was only really interested in the massages.
Even for the massages, there was quite a choice. I didn't too anything too crazy, but from what I hear from the rest of the group, there are some that even included being covered in yogurt or honey!

After my massage I spent some time relaxing in my room and by the pool before going for a walk.
While I was out I decided to take a look at some tours to see what was available.
I wanted to go snorkeling while I was here so I collected some brochures and went to find some lunch.
Karen recommended the duck at Murni's Warung, so while I was quite close, I went back there to see how good it was and I'm really glad I did!
It was the best duck I've ever had and with that awesome view and the whole restaurant practically to my self at that time (around 3:00) I think it was a great choice!
After lunch I walked down to the market, then back to the hotel for anther quick swim - it was a very easy going day!

There was a lot of wildlife around Ubud and just out the front of my room I kept seeing these tiny little kittens, but as soon as they saw me they would run off.
When I got back from the pool, there were three little kittens sun baking on the path, this was as close as I had come to them without them running away, so I got my camera and slowly crept closer and closer to them to get some photos. I'm not much of a cat person, but they were very cute.

On the way into Ubud, just past Murni's Warung, the road looks really nice.
It has these awesome stone walls and tall trees with vines hanging down over the roads, I thought because it was getting darker maybe I could try to capture that scene at night with some light trails.
While the light trails worked ok, I'm not sure I really captured the atmosphere with all the overhead vines, but it was fun to just play with my camera either way.

After some photography I just went back to the hotel, did some reading and got an early night.
It was really enjoyable to just have a day to do nothing!

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